Welcome to Ashbury

Ashbury is a non-subsidised independent school registered with the
Gauteng Department of Education and accredited by UMALUSI (17 SCHO1 00327).
Ashbury was started in 1994 at its current location in Fairleads Benoni
as a Combined School, educating students from grade 000 to grade 12.

Core Values we believe in…

        Teamwork, Self-discipline, Commitment, Tolerance, Active participation, Achievement, Communication, Leadership and Involvement.
We provide holistic education, based on sound norms and values in a
caring and nurturing environment, where students are encouraged to reach
their full potential in the classroom, on the sports field and in
cultural activities.

We know how

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By setting high standards for the staff, students and parents at ASHBURY we create an environment of dedication, self-discipline and cooperation.

When a child is given the proper support and encouragement, he/she dares to dream. And when children are given all the resources necessary for a quality education, they have the ability to make their dreams a reality.

Message from the Headmaster

Every now and then in life you discover a treasure – it might be a
special relationship; it might be a sacred place; it might be a school.

It is my hope that you will discover here at Ashbury we have many
treasures – fine friends; creative and innovative teaching and learning;
sound values; fine traditions; and a faith that will enable you to meet
the challenges of life.

Cecil Behrens.

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