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Welcome to Ashbury College

College Academic Staff:

At Ashbury we have 4 terms that run concurrently with the State school terms in Gauteng.

The dates for 2019 are:
Term 1             09/01                          15/03
Term 2             02/04                          14/06
Term 3             09/07                          20/09
Term 4             01/10                          04/12


College Uniforms
Our uniform stockist is Rynfield Drapers situated on Pretoria Road, across from the fire station.

Boys – summer and winter uniform

  1. Trousers:      Long grey flannels
  2. Belt:               Black with plain buckle. No ornate buckles are permitted.
  3. Shirt:              White only. Short sleeved only in summer
  4. Tie:                 Only in winter; plain black. Gr. 12 black and white striped.
  5. Socks:             Regulation black school socks only.
  6. Jersey:            Black with red stripe pullover or long sleeved jersey only.
  7. Shoes:             Black plain round toe leather lace-up school shoes only.
  8. Blazer:            Plain black blazer with school badge on the pocket.

Gr. 12: Plain white pullover or jersey.

Girls – summer and winter uniform

  1. Skirt:               Tartan school skirt to be worn no shorter than 7cm above the knee when kneeling.
  2. Shirt:               Winter: Plain long sleeved white school shirt.
  3. Socks:              Summer: White ankle-length regulation school socks.
  4. Stockings:       Winter: Black opaque tights or black with red stripe knee high regulation school socks.
  5. Tie:                  Winter: Black school tie
  6. Jersey:             Black with red stripe pullover or long sleeved jersey only.
  7. Shoes:              Black low-heeled lace-up or one bar strap.
  8. Grade 12’s:     Tailored tartan or black skirt, white school shirt, white jersey or pullover.
    Regulation Black nylon pantyhose with plain black leather medium-heel court shoes are allowed throughout the year.

Summer: Plain short sleeved school shirt or white tailored school blouse.

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